Privacy policy

01 – Introduction

Effective May 25, 2018, the GDPR aims to protect and strengthen the privacy rights of European Union individuals through strict requirements for handling and processing personal data. All organizations who provide services to the EU or possess personal data of an EU citizen are subject to the GDPR.

Due to its activity Hotel Arcanjo must collect some personal data from its clients, complying with the GDPR laws, when they use our services or visit our site. Hotel Arcanjo has the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time, so we would suggest you consult it frequently.

02 – Personal data

Any data relating to an individual that could lead to the identification of that individual.

03 – Proof of consente

Your data will be collected and processed by Sociedade Hoteleira Andi, Lda., corporation number 512 063 800, with head office at Rua Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, 2 9560-418 Lagoa, Açores, Portugal, from now on referred as Hotel Arcanjo. The data controller is the afore-mentioned hotel, according to the European Parliament law 2016/679 and the board meeting dated April 27, 2016, from now on referred as RGPD.

Under the RGPD, individuals have the right to request in writing that the controller delete all   information about them and end further distribution of their personal data. (Right to Erasure or Right to be Forgotten).

To apply these rights just contact:

Telephone: + 351 296 960 450

Registered mail: Rua Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, 2 9560-418 Lagoa, Açores, Portugal


04 – Hotel Arcanjo commitments regarding personal data protection

Transparency and purpose: No personal data may be collected without your knowledgeHotel Arcanjo must inform you on the optional or mandatory nature of the information requested. We collect and process your personal data only for the purpose mentioned in the present contract and will inform you of the data receivers.

Pertinence: We will only collect the necessary personal data needed for the correct treatment of your request or proposed services.

Demand: We will only keep your personal data during the necessary period of time needed for its treatment.

Safety and Confidentiality: We promise to take the necessary steps to guarantee confidentiality of personal data and to avoid its spreading to non-authorized parties. In case of data transference to an authorized third party we will take the necessary steps to guarantee all possible safety while sharing that transference.

Respect for your rights: You will be informed of your accessibility rights, rectification and opposition to legislation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, Board meeting of April 27, 2016, from now on here referred as RGPD. Information on the service to contact is mentioned on this document.

05 – Which personal data will be collected?

You may be asked to give your personal data when you make a reservation.

The mandatory or optional nature of the information requested is shown by an asterisk. Information with an asterisk is mandatory because it is essential for processing your request. All remainder information is just meant to better know you and improve the services to be provided.  Therefore, it is optional.

Privately, we collect and process your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth and credit card number.

We do not collect information on race, ethnic group, political affiliation, religious or philosophical creed, union affiliation, health details or sexual orientation.

06 – When will your personal data be collected?

Your personal data may be collected in diverse ways, in particular when:

You contact our reservation/commercial department by phone or e-mail
You make a reservation through the hotel website
You check-in at the hotel
You send an electronic message (Facebook)
You subscribe our newsletter
You join our brand card
You answer a satisfaction questionnaire

07 – What are the purposes?

Hotel Arcanjo collect the necessary personal data strictly for the following purposes:

Brand programs
Improvement of services
Relationship with the client
Newsletter subscription
Operations prospection
Commercial statistics
Requests for accessibility, rectification and opposition
Debts and litigious matters
When making a reservation through the website  or after having supplied your personal data on that site, you may also be informed about the Hotel Arcanjos newsletter, e-mails, events and offer of other products and services.

08 – Sharing personal data

Your personal data collected by Hotel Arcanjo may be shared with the hotel subcontractors, for the above-mentioned purposes, as well as for the maintenance, lodging and management of systems and computer equipment, according to the by-laws authorized by the legislation of the personal data. Those entities should be kept secret and guarantee the security of the personal data and should not disclose that data for any other purpose or their own benefit, nor cross it with any other data they may possess.

Personal data may be available for court purposes or qualified authorities, according to the law.

09 – Sensitive transactions

Sensitive transactions (credit cards, etc.) are provided through a safe way of codification and authentication algorithmics. These transactions are identified by the sign of a closed lock in most navigation systems. However, Hotel Arcanjo do not control all risks related to the Internet and call the attention of all Internet users to the possible risks of its use.

10 – Storage of data

Data is kept just for a period of time that does not exceed the necessary time to accomplish the purpose for which it has been collected.

11 – Social Networks

We may add to our site some third party apps that allow us to share their contents in our site, or show other people’s opinions, namely in what concerns the “Share” or “Like “buttons  in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Social networks may identify you even if you do not use any of the above-mentioned buttons while navigating through our site.  The app buttons allow the respective network to follow your navigation in our site if your account with the social network is active (open session).

We don’t have any control over the process used by social networks to collect information concerning your navigation through our site associated with the personal data that the networks have available.  We suggest you look up the protection policy of those networks to find out the purpose of its use, mainly in what concerns advertising purposes. These network policies should allow the user to select the data protection he wants in each network.

Conflict resolution

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body: National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration (CNIACC) – – Tel. 213847484 (from 3:00 p.m. 16h). More information in Portal do Consumidor

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More Information

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